The most colorful holiday weekend

Gdańsk Tattoo Convention 2017, Poland

The most colorful holiday weekend


The 22nd edition of the Tattoo Convention, the Polish nationwide tattoo festival, is about to begin. This festival returns to Gdańsk, its hometown, every summer. On 29th and 30th of July again, in the AmberExpo hall at 11 Żaglowa Street more than 300 tattoo artists will take the razors into their hands and transfer their artistic visions to the skin of the models. The program includes: contests for the best tattoos, shows of alternative art and concerts of artists such as Włodi, Hades or Małach & Rufuz. The president of this city has taken the honorary patronage over this year's edition of the Gdańsk Tattoo Convention.

Tattoo Convention is a lifestyle event combining elements of a fair and a cultural festival. Tattoos attract thousands of people who are looking for the right person to make a tattoo for them, an inspiration, or they just want to take a closer look at the work of the tattoo masters. Some participants of the convention decide to have tattoos made spontaneously but mostly they are people who have previously made an appointment for the session. The convention is also a suitable place for people who would like to learn the secrets of the art of body tattooing and deal with tattoo professionally. At the event you can buy specialized equipment, take part in seminars or have fun making the first tattoo on a banana peel.

Who is the best in the industry?

There will be more than 300 tattoo artists in the exhibition area. Tattoos made by Tattoo Convention artists are subjectively assessed not only by the visitors. Each participant of the event, having a design made by one of the exhibitors, can suggest their tattoo to the festival contest. Professional jury composed of: Krzysztof Iwin, Marcin Pawlus, Bartosz Panas, Tomasz ‘Tofi’ Torfiński is going to select winning designs in as many as 12 categories. At the Tattoo Convention in Gdańsk there are going to be original contests. Next to the best black and grey or colorful tattoos, the most interesting micro tattoos, graphic tattoos or sea-related tattoos are going to be chosen.

Only for the brave ones

Appreciated tattoo artists will once again take part in the special action of the Tattoo Convention which is called ‘blind ink’. During  blind date-based happening, the volunteers from a Facebook contest will have tattoos made by artists. However, an artist and a model don’t see each other and the tattooed person doesn’t know what image he or she will get at the end of the session. Tattoo artists that are going to participate in this action are well-known people from the tattoo industry: Patryk Hilton and Inez Janiak so participants don’t have to worry about the level of quality.
Patrick Hilton takes part in the game for a second time. His works attracted the greatest interest of the participants in the edition of the competition in Poznań. He specializes in old school themes. He makes tattoos related to people, motifs connected with nature, as well as classic designs characteristic of this style. He works in Demolka Tat2 in Bydgoszcz.
Inez Janiak’s tattoos, or the so-called Inne Tattoos, are edgy. A tattoo artist from ‘Od Świtu do Zmierzchu’ (in English: from dawn to twilight) from Łódź performs graphic motifs that look like quick, black drawings made of ink. In her portfolio you can find animal pictures, portraits, skulls and a lot more.

Entertainment program

In addition to the attraction of artistic tattooing, the visitors are also going to watch thematic zones and alternative art shows. The festival is going to be attended by hip-hop celebrities who will make the time spent at AmberExpo more pleasant. The entertainment program will include the extreme show of the suspension champion Miss Crash, the dance theatre show of the DzikiStyl Company, the magic tricks by Paweł Szretera and the Volven Body Art fashion show. In the thematic zones you will see old school cars or buy interesting clothes and accessories. At each convention, there is also some space dedicated to children where they can play and being supervised by animators, while parents actively participate in the festival. At the convention you will be able to admire an exhibition of Krzysztof Iwin’s paintings, called ‘Wielkie Arkana’ (in English: The Great Arcana). Hungry participants will have an opportunity to try some snacks served in the food truck zone.

Sounds on the music scene

This edition is dominated by hip-hop artists. On the stage there will appear: Włodi, Hades, as well as Małach & Rufuz. Rock fans will be having fun at Bastard Disco hits. Enes, a DJ strongly connected with the Polish hip-hop scene, will take care of the music during breaks between the shows. In the chill zone there will be three DJs: PZG, Dubsknit, Auricom.


Tickets for the Gdańsk Tattoo Convention that entitle you to participate in all attractions excluding workshops, which are paid extra, can be purchased online or before entering the event area. Ticket pre-sale will be available until July 28th at the prices: 35 PLN – one-day ticket, 45 PLN – two-day ticket, 115 PLN - group ticket for 3 people (available only in pre-sale), 250 PLN - VIP ticket. For tickets purchased before the entrance you will have to pay: 45 PLN – one-day ticket, 60 PLN- two-day ticket, 250 PLN- VIP ticket. Children up to 12 years of age and 60+ seniors enter the event for free. To find out more about the tickets and get more information about the Gdańsk Tattoo Convention, please check the website

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